Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Saturday, August 4, 2012

London's Calling

In four sleeps will be in Ye Olde London Town.J
Just at the height of the Olympic madness. It's very exciting. We are booked to go on the Eye (I must be crazy, hate heights!) and have a fancy dinner reservation at a steakhouse called Gillray's. Bugger the steak, I'm more interested in the gin infusion cocktails they have on offer!
Mostly we will wander the streets, attempt to manage the crowds and just soak it up. We also have some lovely friends to catch up with. Yay! After two days in London, we'll head up to Manchester to visit family. Poppet's great-grandparents are there, her Grand-Nan is her pen-pal so it will be lovely to see them.
As I sit under the air-conditioner (apparently 'feels like' 41 degrees out there at the moment) I am drooling over the London forecast. Mostly sunny (remarkable) and a top of 22 degrees. I may not return until the Fall. This summer heatwave has nobs on it. 
Our Pin-Ups Pinterest board is filling up with lovely "Best of British" bits and pieces. Here is one of my favourites

image via here

This picture is courtesy of Maryanne from Handmade Kids. Maryanne scours the internet to bring beautiful handmade pieces for children to your inbox. She is a huge supporter of buying handmade and her site is a great place to lose yourself for a few hours. You can also find Handmade Kids on Facebook over here.
I'm not sure how much blogging I'll achieve over the next few weeks, but I'll do my best to keep in touch.
Pip Pip Cheerio!


  1. Thank you Jen, I cant wait to hear all about your London adventures

  2. say hi to london for me!! have a great time x


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