Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Friday, April 27, 2012

Meat Free Mondays

Have you heard of this movement
You can thank the McCartney's for it. It's one of their more accessible ideas for. Of course, meat free is a daily occurrence for me, but I think it's a great idea for everyone. And for the planet too.
I picked up the new cookbook this week and have been salivating ever since. Honestly, it's one of the best vegetarian cookbooks I've ever seen. The recipes look delicious, easy and range from breakfast right through to dessert.
You can try Maggie Beer's Eggplant Casserole with Pomegranate or Stella McCartney's Carrot Cake.
But it's not about celebrity, it's about food and health with no nonsense.
I have filled it with sticky notes after one short viewing. 

Not sure where I'll start first, will let you know...


  1. I've been doing meat free Monday for around 12-14 months now Jen. I do love it and I generally try to incorporate another meat free night per week....although I am seriously contemplating vego, but with fish....I think I could do away birds, sheep and cows, but I can't do without fish. I must source out that book, looks good.


    1. i've always hated fish, that was an easy one to give up for me...


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