Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Retail Therapy

Well, it's minus 2 and I have a head cold and sore throat.
The cure?

A little retail therapy. Most of my clothes cross over between seasons but I didn't bring any spring/summer shoes with me except for Havaianas. Insert some wedges (yay for hip replacements and finally being able to wear little heels again!), sensible sandals for the school run and a super bright hat (the wasps are going to LOVE me this summer!) and I'm ready. Tomorrow will be 18 degrees which, after today's temperatures, will feel like 25. Spring is certainly on it's way.
Poppet's summer wardrobe is done, though it grieves me that I can no longer buy shoes for her without her presence. Now, if she could just stop growing, I think she's added a couple of inches lately. It's getting expensive!
Hope you're having a nice day, I'm off to gargle some betadine...


  1. I LOVE those wedges!!! I'm sure I could wear those for winter in Perth.... Nat.

    1. they're cute aren't they. i wore them friday night and they're not very comfortable. who cares?!


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