Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Been Busy

Yes I have! 
If you're wondering where I've been (apart from sojourning about with Poppet on her Spring Break) I've been busy. Today, I complete this huge wholesale order for Planet Kid. A groovy store focusing on local, handmade goodness which is a few blocks from my house (sorry, they don't ship internationally).
There are Tooth Fairies and Superheros and Snugglepops galore.
The good news for my internet customers is that I can focus entirely on Etsy stock from now on...

Phew! I'm even re-developing those calluses on my fingers from the cutting, stitching, stuffing and knitting.
In celebration of the fact that I am finally getting on with it, I'm having a little market night on my facebook page. Market time is 8am Sunday morning in Toronto (which equates to 8pm Sunday night in Perth, WA). Sales will be via ballot, you will have ten minutes to comment 'sold' under the photograph of your preferred Poppet/s and I will draw each purchaser via random org. Payments will be accepted through Paypal.
If you fancy the chance to buy a Bunny (or even a Tooth Fairy) be there or be... somewhere else.


  1. Crikey....you have been busy....I feel quite lazy, better pull my knitting fingers out!! Vic x

    1. ha! i'm usually looking at your work thinking how lazy i am vic!


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