Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feb Photo A Day - Day 29 "something you're listening to"


The last two pics have been a challenge. Yesterday's topic was 'money' and I obviously wasn't remotely motivated to complete it. Today's topic sees me repeating a pic from Day 7.
My Ipod plays a very big role in my daily life. Working from home, it would be a very boring day without it. Ipod also accompanies me on my (almost) daily walks. For the walks, I listen to music but during the day, I choose either audiobooks or podcasts. I have a membership with Audible.com and get a book per month but can always purchase more if I want to. I find this to be an incredibly good investment. I can't think of a single book on my list (mostly fantasy novels, but also lots of autobiographies and the classics) which I haven't listened to at least twice. And when insomnia strikes (many times a week) I put myself back to sleep listening to Mr Fry's wonderful rendition of the Harry Potter novels. Very restful and preferable to Temazepam...
And then there's the podcasts. You're best bet for a good variety of listening (which you can listen to via your computer, you don't need to download them) is the BBC.  There's a heap of them to choose from, but I particularly like Desert Island Discs and Kermode and Mayo's Film Review (and the kids' stuff is good too). Aussie Dr Karl's science show is also available online and you can google any topic you like, most likely a podcast will turn up. Craftypod is another favourite of mine...
I'm going to skip the March photos as I have a tonne of work to do. Just finishing up an enormous wholesale order and then I will get onto opening up the Etsy store and doing a giveaway on the blog. Over 20000 hits on the blog calls for a celebration. No?


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