Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feb Photo A Day - Day 2

Today's photo is about 'words'. 
On Monday, Poppet stayed home from school and we had a quiet day.  She decided, at one point, to write out all of her Grug books. A little ambitious, but she did manage one book. I think it's a work in progress...

Do you love Grug? Did you read his books as a child, or see them on Playschool? If you're not Australian, you can acquaint yourself with him here. The books are hard to come by outside of Oz, we'll have to make a Xmas wishlist for the grandparents for some new ones to add to the collection.
Poppet's homework is all about her favourite character. Here is what she wrote about him...

"Grug is my favourite charictor because:
He is Astrailan. Grug likes to learn new things, He sticks his tong out when he is concentrating."

Yep, she can spell "concentrating" but not "Australian". We should probably work on that.

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