Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mud Glorious Mud.

As you may be aware we escaped the stress of visa-waiting and spent the weekend at a farmstay. It rained a lot, but we were also blessed with enough sunshine to get out there and enjoy the animals.

We rounded up sheep, fed the emus and Poppet had a ride on the tractor. Lots of fun.

But I think the true highlight for my girl was the mud. Like most kids her age, she has a great passion for puddles. Living in Perth, puddles can be a rare thing so when Poppet sees a puddle she heads straight for the middle of it. Rightly so.

While Poppet likes her gumboots muddy, I prefer to keep mine clean. I think the emus thought they looked like birdseed, they kept pecking at them!

After we'd scraped away the mud we sat by the fire and gave Poppet her first taste of toasted marshmallows. Looks like they were a winner.

Good times.



  1. Btw we stayed at Margeret River Hideaway, a fabulous place with plenty of grime for the kiddies and rather nice accommodation for us oldies.

  2. Oh wow Jen looks awesome fun!, (accom as well as animals ) ;0) what agreat good bye to the SW !

  3. We will miss it down there, it's such a great weekend place.


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