Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dear 3am..

I was just whiling away some time on Pinterest when I stumbled upon this...

via Pinterest

Sleep and I have never really been friends. I'm either lying awake at night thinking creative and/or stressful thoughts, or I have restless legs or I just don't feel tired enough. I certainly feel tired 'enough' most afternoons around 3pm.  Hmm, perhaps I've just been living on Canadian time all these years. Will let you know if our return to Toronto makes any difference.
My current 'solution' to sleeplessness is my Ipod, which will probably need to be surgically removed from me one day. I listen to books when sleep should be beckoning. My night-time faves are Stephen Fry, David Attenborough, and Simon Callow. Obviously I'm drawn to older male British voices. I get my audiobooks from Audible.com and am gathering quite a decent collection.
A few weeks ago I had some really crazy nightmares. I vaguely remember being chased by some nasty man, somewhere-or-other.
The Ipod had to come out in the middle of the night to calm my nerves. 
As it turns out, Poppet has developed her own cure for night terrors. She had a bad dream last night, around 3am, but seemed to re-settle quite well. (of course, I couldn`t get back to sleep!) This morning she drew this picture...

This is what she wrote...

"Go away from my dreems because I am scerd of you, thats why! I hate you! Good biy forever!!!!."

Bless her cotton/nylon socks. Poppet always has something new to teach me.



  1. Sometimes I'm sure they are here to teach us, not the other way around. Sweet dreams tonight Jen. XX

  2. great picture and wise words from someone so young...good on you poppet you tell those nasty dreams to stay away :)
    caroline x

  3. magnesium is the cure for restless legs. you have to take it for about 3 weeks before you will notice a difference. The cure for stressful/creative thoughts is less easily found but it sounds like you've got something worked out.

  4. thanks annabel! i am teetering on not having it at the moment, but will give that a go if it really takes hold.


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