Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Last Show of 2015!

Well, it's almost time for Christmas.

And if you're currently living in Toronto you would be mistaken for believing it is still October. The weather is crazy warm and there is no sign of snow. My Poppet actually teared up this morning when I told her Santa wasn't bringing any snow this year. I may have gotten a little misty-eyed myself...

This Saturday I have my last show of the year. It is run by the Toronto Etsy Street Team (I've recently been made a captain, yay!) and we are very excited to be putting on an intimate show. We even have Santa visiting for an hour. Santa!! Full details about the show can be found here on the blog.

I have made up some very special One-of-a-Kind ornaments just for the show. There is a very limited quantity available so come early if you want to nab one (or two). And the first 50 customers receive and awesome bag of swag as well!!

The Team and I are meeting up tonight to stuff those swag bags full of goodness. I plan on taking some Fairy Bread and Honey Joys to introduce them to Australian sugary treats. Exciting!

Any excuse to eat that stuff really. Nom nom nom...

I have just finished another beautiful custom doll. She has a full outfit like the other Sweetheart Dolls and my customer plans to order another outfit for her in the spring. Did you know you could do that? you can order anything, I am fully embracing the custom order whirlwind after Christmas. I even had an Elvis doll on order, white jumpsuit and all!! So if you would like a special doll or character just pop me an email. Let's chat!

My last pieces of news are the ones I'm most excited about at the moment.

I've been featured in the Canadian Family Gift Guide for this Christmas here AND the Babiekins Magazine Editor's Picks here.  Both publications are ones I've been following as a parent so I feel very blessed to be included in their guides.

As you know I released my sewing kits and they are doing very well (thank you muchly!). The next step was to release a sewing pattern and I've finally done it. If you would like to purchase a PDF e-pattern of ALL THREE of my Christmas Holiday Pals you can do so here or here. (Oh yes, that is a Craftsy link. I am finally getting on that bandwagon as well!)

Back to work. I have a multitude of kits to prep for the show this weekend and my sewing machine is calling. Have an awesome week!

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