Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cottage Life

Cottaging is a big deal in Ontario.
You only need to spend one winter here to understand why. Locals will do anything to chase the sun and follow it's warmth until it fades once more, so their kids stay up until the wee hours and they get away to the 'cottage' as much as possible.
We didn't think we'd manage a break of any sort this summer, seeing as we've almost finished renovating and bought two kittens.
A last minute text message changed all that and before we knew it we were heading out to a friend's cottage for a few days.
Bliss, bliss and then some more bliss...

Early morning canoe rides, swimming all day, celebrating cheese o'clock and toasting marshmallows before bed. We haven't unplugged like this in years and it was just what the doctor ordered.
I've never seen so many chipmunks in one place...

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