Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Knit Club

The school year is over (hooray!) and our long hot summer has begun.
We've celebrated Canada Day (Eh!) and got the air conditioners working and are slowly starting to unwind.
I didn't how realise how tightly strung I've been until I stopped, there was just too much on my to-do list over the past few months.
Renovating aside, one of the biggest projects I've been working on was the knitting club at Poppet's school.
It was a wonderful experience and even though the commitment on my part was large I found it inspiring and satisfying in equal measure. The kids worked so hard to make such lovely presents.

Here are some photos of the kids at work...

All up we finished three big blankets of knitted squares, and the senior girls also finished some quilted blankets as part of their own sewing club.
We donated them to the Redwood Shelter who work in the neighbourhood to support women and children who are escaping domestic abuse. It was so lovely to present the blankets to their representative.

She said it was like receiving hand made hugs from all of the children.

If you're interested in exploring the Redwood's work or making a donation you can find them here.

I gave up every Friday lunchtime for this project, and many late nights at the end to finish those blankets.
I walked home on a cloud each Friday afternoon after our knitting sessions, I found it gave my own life such richness. It was one the best uses of my time over the previous year, real charitable work is something I recommend you find time to do with your own children, even if you can only take on a small project.

It's so much more meaningful than sponsoring a couple of laps around the oval.

We are all so time poor but the lessons to be learned from completing such a big project are so valuable.
The kids were so thrilled to see their work as part of a blanket, and they listened intently to the representative from the shelter as she spoke of the babies in their care and how touched the mothers would be by these gifts. I think it will stay with them and inspire their own desire to help the community.

Poppet starts a new school in September and I hope to start something up there eventually. Will have to wait and see how things sit.

Meanwhile let's enjoy the summer!

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