Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Feeling Sentimental

It's been an incredibly busy few weeks for us.
So busy!
Amidst all the madness our Poppet got her retainers. Yes, two of them. Honestly she was so excited about getting them and has had the most amazing attitude about this. She's really blown me away.
We picked them up last week and she popped them in her mouth and I burst into tears. 
Partly because I'm so proud of my girl and how open she is to the concept of wearing horribly uncomfortable metal and plastic things in her mouth. ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT! She continues to wear them with little complaint and never needs to reminded to put them back in. She's amazing.
But mostly, I cried because my little girl looked about ten years older as soon as she put her retainers in. That metal in her mouth made her look so grown up!
It's as if she packed her bags and moved out for college right before my eyes. I wasn't prepared for the way it would make me feel. So whilst she's moved on with her life and is thinking of other things (possibly the Fibonacci sequence she was Youtubing with her Dad the other night) I am dragging my heels and doing my best to adjust.
I even asked her to have lunch with me the following day for some reassurance but she turned me down.
Her confidence has grown exponentially over the past six months, and I am really feeling the tug of that invisible umbilical cord.
Taking her out for a cup of tea and some cake after school to try to hang onto her for a bit longer.
I haven't take a photo of her with the retainer yet but I will. And I'll share it.
It will be good for me.

I guess I still see her like this...

No doubt I always will.

We just watched "Father of the Bride" with her the other day and this scene really sums the week up...

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