Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Field Trip!

Poppet's class went on a fabulous field trip and I volunteered to join the madness.

232 hectare national park, Fall colour, 15th Century reconstructed Iroquoian village, 60 kids.
Where do I sign up?!

We went the Crawford Lake Conservation area, the website is here. The kids went on the bus and parent volunteers carpooled. We were unable to beat the bus in either direction, a tad embarrassing but we did stop for coffee and gas (petrol!) along the way. No doubt we would have whooped that bus driver's a*#e otherwise!

What a gorgeous place. We hiked around the lake with our guide for over an hour, then learned about the original residents of the area and the kids did some craft. Next we had a full tour of an amazing longhouse and grounds reconstructed to imitate how the Iroquoian's used to live. That was fascinating to me, having not grown up in North America, and the kids managed to pay attention for the most part.

Here are some shots...


I didn't take the super duper camera as it was meant to be a rainy day, but we only had one downpour and were happily inside for that.
I think we'll take ourselves back to this spot sometime soon. It was beautiful!

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