Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Friday, August 16, 2013


So we're at something like day 51 of the holidays.
Happily today was a potter about, fluff around kind of day.
We did some boring food shopping, chatted to the baker (who loves our accent, his wife is from Sydney) and went to the fabulous local toy store on the way home. I'm continuing to savor what's left of our time together. Next week will be our last full week, after that Poppet has a camp (Pioneer Village complete with costumes) and then it's school!
A last minute splurge today saw us completing a 350 piece puzzle when we got home. It took two hours and we listened to some great tunes before tv time was allowed again after lunch. She watched The Brady Bunch and I got to work and finished one half of a custom order. I've been asked to make a pink, soccer-loving Princess Poppet and a purple ballet-loving Poppet for some twins. Here is the purple ballet-loving Poppet in all her glory.

Cute much?!

I'll finish the soccer-loving Princess over the weekend and show you next week. I just have to finish her crown...

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