Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Poppet's Field Trip

We recently decided Poppet was old enough to attend her first concert. We go out to a decent amount of shows and she's been jealous and curious in equal measure. She's also been a huge fan since she saw Feist sing this on Sesame Street...

Poppet loves female singers like Leslie Feist and Bjork. We encourage her to listen to stuff outside of the pop music on the radio (blech) and hope it will give her a decent musical grounding before she starts listening exclusively to whatever her peers like. Of course, few of them have heard of Grimes or Fiery Furnaces.
More fool them I say.
So we took Poppet to a huge outdoor festival featuring local artists (Broken Social Scene was our main reason for attending) and were there for a very long time. We bought VIP tickets which meant we had a bit more space for picnic blankets and didn't have to share porta-loos with every man and his dog. That alone was worth the price.
There was great music, great food and it was perfect weather. All in all it was a fabulous experience for our girl, though she's not keen to do a nighttime show again any time soon. She was exhausted at 10.30 so we missed a bit of Broken Social Scene. On the plus side, this meant we walked straight into a cab and were home and in bed within 15 minutes.
As you'll see from our photos there was an awesome climbing tree in our section which was generally full of kids. Poppet made some friends and enemies within this group and even managed a massive graze across her midriff from all the climbing. She watched some of the music from up there, but was eventually kicked out by teenagers who were interested in more "grown up" pursuits. She thought that was 'gross' and stayed by my side for the remainder of the evening.

On our way.

Icecream Sandwich Heaven

Now THAT'S a lemonade stand.

Getting busy.

Quiet sketching time.

A tree full of children.

Her patch.
Our Feist-view.


Apologies for the average quality photos, 'professional' cameras weren't allowed so I had to rely on the point and shoot. At least we were allowed to take picnic blankets and kids' snacks.
So that's the end of gigs for Poppet for a while. School holidays are in two weeks (hooray!) and there will be plenty of opportunities for mini-adventures. She is going on a day camp to the Toronto Island one week, and a Pioneer camp another. What fun!
I'm off to make some Sunday night pizza for Father's Day. Happy Father's Day to you or your guy or your Dad if it's that day where you are.

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