Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Sunday, April 28, 2013


We have had a lovely Spring day. The sun was shining (at last!) and we went to the park. I even rode my bike, in a particularly wobbly fashion but I'm determined to do better. There's a big hill in the park and I almost made it to the top.No doubt my quads will be screaming about that in the morning.
Poppet rode her scooter, and was rewarded with some time in the playground before we came home.
I've been busy editing photos (yawn) whilst listening to the landlord installing our shiny new dishwasher, and it just sang us a ditty to announce that the dishes were clean. It's been worth living without one for a while just to hear that. The dishwasher even has an App so my phone can 'talk' to it remotely (which I won't be using, I still have a written calendar). Cuteness.
Not many photos as I didn't take the camera to the park, wanted to concentrate on riding. But here's a few from the deck and some shots of my cute new Poppets all ready for the giveaway.

Don't forget to check out this blog post for details on how to win these guys. I'm going to announce the winner this Wednesday! Can you believe I've been making these crazy things for three years?! Very cool.
I am really happy with this pattern. It's similar in size to previous Poppets but the legs and arms are danglier and there is less stuffing. This will hopefully mean I can stop losing money on postage in the future.
This week I'm going to play around with some pirates for the shop using this new pattern.
What do you think?
You likey?

Me likey muchy...

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