Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ok. I'm just going to put this out there.
I think that Valentine's Day is utter rubbish. Mostly, that comes from over 10 years working in a card and gift shop and just dreading the madness that Valentine's Day brought with it. The confused desperation oozing from the (mostly) male customers as they trawled for last-minute gifts, the sore feet and permanent smile of retail. Not for me.
That being said, I am continually drawn towards imagery relating to it. I love our little Pinterest group board dedicated to this event, particularly enjoying how celebrations are seen through other peoples' eyes. Fascinating!
And who doesn't love hearts and chocolates and cuddles and lovely little notes anyway. I just prefer them to be more spontaneous...

Foxy loveliness from Heidi Van Veen Designs

I love Gemma Correll's work so much!

Crochet and pastels, sigh!


Nom nom nom!

All images can be found over at our Pinterest board here.
Oh, and I almost forgot about the little Valentine's Heart Tutorial I did waaa-aaay back. Take a look at it over here.

For those of you who celebrate Valentine's Day with reckless abandon - Good for you! Have a wonderful time doing whatever it is you like to do.
For those of you who don't, have a lovely day anyway. As Poppet is a bit excited about the day, we will start it with pancakes and strawberries, but otherwise it will be a normal day. I am, instead, looking forward to the lovely long weekend ahead of us during which we're going to hang out with some pals, drink some wine and just kick back for a while. Poppet has four days off to take it easy.
*Insert huge smile here*


  1. Could not agree more.....Love is everyday of the year, not just the 14th February!!

    1. Oh indeed! Though I'm happy to use the excuse for pancakes for breakfast ;)


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