Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When Life Hands You Lemons...

It's been a trying few weeks, while we twiddle our thumbs and wait for our Canadian visa to go through various hoops.

We've done quite a lot of packing, but are having a hiatus for week or so because we are frankly exhausted, stressed and generally bewildered and befuddled. At any given moment we could be told to hit the airport and swap countries. All the planning and preparation doesn't help us with this one final hurdle.

And we are control freaks. Quite the challenge.

The solution to this (as we have learned on our previous expat adventures) is to live one week at a time.

It is important to seek frivolity, hilarity and satisfaction within the maelstrom.

Poppet and I found some of that after school today. We picked lemons.


We have a lovely old lemon tree in our yard which is perfect for climbing, but Poppet won't as she has developed a weird fear of ants. She's never been bitten, but there you have it.

So I climbed the tree and threw the lemons down for her to catch. Generally I threw badly and Poppet missed her catches. We were in hysterics. There were aphids slipping down our sleeves and getting in our hair. We freaked out a bunch of ladybugs who evacuated the tree all at once.

It was a lovely spontaneous hour together. No doubt it will be the highlight of my week.

And seeing as I have a pretty decent sore throat at the moment, I'll make some lemon tea and try to figure out what to do with the rest of the harvest.

Do you have a favourite lemon recipe? Feel free to share! Pretty Please!



  1. Jen I make handmade lemonade roll 6 lemons and squeeze make sugar syrup bout 200g and boiling water 150ml add lemon juice and just under litre of chilled flat or sparkly water ;) add white rum and mint ice cubes for mummy x

  2. ooh thanks georgie, i like the mummy version!

  3. Lemon butter biscuits
    250gm of self raising and plain flour, butter (room temp) and castor sugar
    1 egg and approx 1-2 tablespoons milk
    lemon rind (as much as you want to taste)
    mix all together with hands till a moist mixture forms, roll into large sausages (depending on how big you want biscuits, I usually make approx 3 per mix)
    sprinkle some raw sugar and more lemon rind on bench top and roll sausages through
    place in fridge till hard enough to cut into biscuit slices (approx 30 mins)
    bake at about 180c till slightly golden brown (10-15mins) keep an eye on them as they dont take long
    enjoy! these are a family fav and get eaten super quick! the 'sausages' can also be frozen and cooked another time :) x

  4. ooh, thanks nicolette! they look yummy. i've been looking for a biscuit recipe for a while.

  5. Hi Jen
    I shared this one with Living on a Latte a few weeks back, but it's a goodie! Dice the whole lemons and toss into a blender until half full and then add water until the lemons are covered, then add a few tablespoons of sugar and blitz. Take out of blender and strain into jug. Just do a little taste test to see if you need more sugar or water. But repeat process until you've used all your lemons. Makes a delicious, refreshing old school lemonade! Enjoy!
    x Clare

  6. Gorgeous blog Jen. Your poppet looks a lot like you. How old is she? And why Canada?

  7. thanks annabel. we have lived in toronto before and loved the diversity and the culture, and the proximity to other places. husband has a transfer with work (mining industry) so off we go!


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