Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday At The Zoo With Poppet.

In our hot, dry climate the animals at Perth Zoo are usually comatose for the best part of the day. As soon as the temperature drops and it actually rains (heaven forbid!) they wake up and put on a show. Poppet did her best this morning to make the most of every single puddle, no matter how small!

We zoomed in on the kangaroos this morning, as so many of them were lazing about on and around the path. It was a real treat to get so close.

Whilst I love to amble through the native bushland they've created at the zoo, the highlight for Poppet was the carousel. She never tires of it.

However, the true highlight for us 'oldies' was when Poppet said the following after sharing a snack with her dad;

"Now that I've shared I feel really happy, it makes me feel like a good person."

My work here is done.



  1. And done WELL! Absolutely precious x

  2. Gorgeous Jen! Wish I didn't get have a 'close' encounter with the kangaroo that decided to hit my car bonnet last week!!!
    Must take our boys to the zoo next time we in Perth, it's been too long!! Our Littlest hasn't actually been yet- must remedy that!!


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